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       Final Camera-Ready Paper & Copyright Form Submission Guidelines:

    1. Notice for authors
This Guidline is only For AUTHORS whose paper has been already accepted by PIC-2016. The deadline for final camera-ready paper submission is November 29, 2016

Papers are published on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (double submission). These matters are taken very seriously and the IEEE Communications society will take action against any author who engages in either practice. Follow these links to learn more:
     2. How to prepare your final paper and your IEEE copyright Form
  1. You should modify your paper carefully according to the review results.
  2. You should check your English writing to make sure there are no gramatical errors and typos in your paper, and make sure it is easy to follow. If the English of your paper is a bit poor, we suggest you ask help from a native English speaker or a professional editor to improve it. For your information, we have some professional editors from an English editing company who may help you in editing your paper, you can contact us via pic2016@yeah.net if you need a professional editing service.
  3. Your final camera ready paper must follow the IEEE Manuscript Templates for conference proceedings (Word Template 1).You can also use the other IEEE Manuscript Template (Word Template 2) to avoid waste of space if many authors have same affiliations. Notice: The two templates are same except the format of authors and their affiliations. You can also use LaTex and download the LaTex templates at Standard IEEE conference templates at here: templates at IEEE Website.
  4. Please carefully read the format details of the template, pay attension to the format of paper title, abstract, main text, figures, tables and references etc., and edit your paper accordingly.
    Failure to comply with the requirement of IEEE format for conference proceedings will result in the rejection of your paper being included in the conference proceedings.
  5. The text area (版芯) for each page in your paper should be 16.5×24.5 (same as A4), please do not let any text, figure and formulas overpass the specified area.
  6. Transform your final paper into PDF format. Do not insert any page number in your final paper (PDF file), do not add any password or restrictions to access it.
  7. The regular registration fee covers 5 pages of the paper, if your paper exceeds 5 pages, then an extra fee for the extra pages will be charged. For more information about it, please visit the registration section of the website.
  8. Besides the final camera-ready paper, you must download the IEEE Copyright Form , fill in and sign in the form, scan it into PDF file.
  9. You should download the "Statement for Originality of final paper" , sign and scan it into PDF file.
    3. How to upload your final paper and your IEEE copyright Form
     You should upload your final camera ready paper (including both PDF file and the source file) , the completed IEEE Copyright Form and the Statement for Originality of your final paper, before the dealine through the following steps:
  1. compress your final Camera-ready paper(pdf), the source file of your paper, your IEEE Copyright Form and the Statement for Originality of your final paper together into a ZIP file.
  2. login your easychair account through Final paper submission link
  3. choose your submission number (if you have different roles at easychair, please change your role to author role first)
  4. choose "submit a new version" from the upper right menu, and then follow the instruction to upload your ZIP package file.
     4. Register your paper before November 29, 2016
You must complete Full Registration for your paper before the deadline. Otherwise, your paper will be excluded from the proceedings. You can find the Registration information (registration and payment method) in the Registration Section of this website.

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