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The full list of the registerd papers is available at full list of the registerd papers

The oral presentation list is available at oral presentation list Papers that are not in the "oral presentation list" are supposed to be posters.

The Program guide is now available, which can be downloaded at: Program guide for PIC2016

The electronic versions of the proceedings of PIC 2016 can be downloaded from
Proceedings of PIC2016
You can also download the proceedings from Proceedings of PIC2016

The outline of he conference program is as follows:
December 23
  • The registration begin at 13:00 in the afternoon of Dec 23,2016
  • The buffet dinner in the hotel is provided by the conference from 18:00 to 21:00 in the evening of December 23, 2016
December 24
  • The main conference begins at 8:10, December 24. keynote speeches are given in the morning
  • Parellel sessions will begin in the afternoon of December 24
December 25
  • Parellel sessions will continue in the morning of Decmeber 25
  • Poster sessions will begin in the afternoon of December 25

Guidlines and requirement for your presentation:
You should present your paper in person by either Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation. If your presentation is "oral presentation", then you are supposed to give a 15 minutes speech by using Powerpoints Slides(ppt file).

If your presentation type is "Poster Presentation", then you should prepare your poster by yourself before attending the conference. You should paste your poster on the board during the poster session, stand beside your poster and answer questions of other attendees.

The required Poster Size: 80cm X 110cm (width:80cm, Height:110cm) The following is two examples of posters (only for your reference, there are also free templates that you can download from many website)

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